Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Do You Do What You Do?!

"How Do You Do What You Do Everyday?"  That was asked of me today :)  I am proud.

You may have noticed that I have been quiet for a while (can we say almost a month?!). I have not been on the trails very much and for that reason have felt like there was not much to talk about. I gave my ankle some time to heal and have been gradually building her back up running in the "concrete jungle". I have a brace and some new shoes (Brooks Green Silence) for the road and I find that they are really helping. I still plan to run the Run The Bluegrass at the end of the month...so for the most part my training has been geared to that. Since the blog was started to share my adventures in trail running...I decided to wait until I had some semi-related topics to discuss.

New Gear For The Recovery :)

One thing I have been doing since the last post is maintaining a meatless diet. I cannot believe what a difference that has made in my running! I noticed it the other night as I was just cruising along in the sleet and rain. My body felt amazing. My legs felt so light. My pace was consistent. It has to be the best thing I have done in terms of improving my overall performance! This is something I can see doing for the long haul. I do not miss meat at all!

I have also been focusing on quite a bit of cross training. With the weather in Kentucky being so bipolar it has been hard to get in steady trail running. One day it is 64 and the ground is perfect and the next day it is 28 and the mud is all iced over...which makes me very hesitant to get out and run them. It is kind of disappointing but I have been keeping myself very busy and on the road to what I hope is an awesome 2013 which includes a trip to Pikes Peak (no...not to run Pikes Peak Marathon....but to run the physical Pikes Peak).

So with that...let's review what I have been up to!

Downhill Skiing

So...as you all know, downhill skiing was to be my winter cross training adventure. I was so excited and literally drove you all nuts talking about how wonderful it was going to be. I was going to give it a try...naturally master it due to my awesomeness... and spend the rest of my time on the slopes looking like someone off the X-Games. I even had really cute outfits lined up for purchase...because looking cute on the slopes is very important.  Turns out, it has to be the most terrifying thing I have ever done. Words cannot express how anxious I was the whole entire time. At one point I screamed like a little girl. I felt like I had no control over my body and it just made me want to cry. It was not a good scene.

What was so depressing about this was that I love the mountains. I love to walk in them...to run in them...to climb in them....hell...I will do just about anything in the mountains BUT downhill ski. Even if they are covered in snow...I still want to be in them. Shit, I will go to the top of the mountain with you...but you had better believe my ass is walking down it. I just don't see myself getting back on them any time soon. Luckily, my group of friends realized that you don't all have to enjoy and excel at the same things to have fun and positively impact each others lives...and they have kept me in the group. For that I am thankful.

Hot Yoga

If I am correct....take that back...if Google is correct...the average human is about 60% water. That is a pretty good amount unless you are me and can go a whole day without taking in much more than coffee for hydration. Combine that with 90 minutes of yoga in a 105 degree room at 40% humidity and you have an interesting practice.

Hot Yoga is great. It literally works every muscle in your body and you sweat out a good 30% of your 60% body water (no...not really). You feel amazing after doing it. I loved it...but after a few classes it started to get hot. It started to get really hot and even drinking 64 ounces of H20 during it did not really help. This is a practice that is not for the faint of heart in my opinion. If you love to sweat like I do...and love to feel that your body is a machine then go for it. I have laid off it for now...but I plan to keep it in my rotation.

*sigh*...not the proper hydration after hot yoga


So once I felt like I had once again evolved from a sponge after hot yoga,  I decided it was time to start back at the brew yoga (yoga at the brewery here in town.) I was pretty excited to get back to AnneDean and my running ladies and really did not think anything of the FB status that placed my beloved instructor in Chicago my first night back. What was waiting for me was a sub....and a doozy. If your class ever begins with your friend looking at you and saying "B*tch gonna kill us" just get up and walk out. I did not...and I regretted it for a good few days.

If this every happens and you don't want your practice to change...do not...and I repeat....do not tell your instructor how "intense" her sub was while she was gone. She will just smile and turn up the intensity on you...I promise....you will feel it...but you will LOVE it. She is taking us to a new level and it is friggin awesome. I am keeping this in my weekly "day off" rotation as I find it helps both my body (can anyone say hamstrings) and my mind!


WTF?! I really could end this whole thing with those 3 words.

I decided to give Zumba a try since my running group was doing it and it was "Cosmic Zumba". I figured you could not go wrong dancing in the dark with glow sticks. After all, this was a large part of my college career and I thought I was pretty damn good at it (I hear my father now calling UK and asking for his money back.) Turns out I was wrong. I often wondered what my mother's nationality was (she was adopted) and I can confidently say that no member of her family ever had "relations" with anyone of Latin, Spanish, Caribbean, or any other background where moving your hips in a seductive manner is genetically passed from generation to generation. It was horrible. Now...it was a great workout and we were all soaked when we were done...but I just don't know. I will just let your imagination run wild with this one...unless you were there...then you know.

Surf Set

Hell yes. This is it. I have found the one thing that has the extreme core focus that every runner needs. Like it sounds...it is a surf board set up on an air cushion type platform. The entire time you are doing it you are "engaged" since the board literally moves like it would on the water under your weight. It is all about balance...core...cardio and strength. As I type, my arms are literally still like jello from doing planks on the board while balancing. It makes slack lining look like nothing. Well...maybe not...but still...it is amazing. There were no mirrors so I cannot report back onto how it looked...but I felt pretty damn good!

Now you may be asking....what is next? Well...there are a few more months until Spring trail season here and I have a few more ideas. If anyone wants to join me just let me know!

1. Self Defense Class

Lord knows I need this with my love of night running. A friend is taking the class right now and is going to report back on how awesome it is. Once she does that...I will join.

2. Cycle You

Intense indoor cycling with strength training and yoga. Hell yeah.

3. Pole Dancing

I swear...this was mentioned tonight and turns out it is an amazing workout. Hell....it may even make Zumba easy.

4. Swimming

The friggin pool needs to open.

5. Slackline

Once I am in my new house I will have those amazing trees...which made me choose that lot...for the sole purpose of putting up my slackline.

Well...that about sums it up. With the ankle getting stronger and stronger I am really looking forward to the trails. Since my new home is only a few miles away from my favorite place to run (Raven Run) I will be able to get some awesome training in soon. While it sucks that I am being a "fair weather" trail runner right now...I think it is in the overall best interest of my body....since I am giving my ankle time to heal and the UPS man time for my Mantras to arrive :)

Oh...and my calf muscles are in :)  I am very proud and treating them well!

Lots of Love!

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