Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer And The Girls...

I think it is safe to say summer has hit the Bluegrass and that can mean only a few things:

1. Pool 

2. Lake season

3. Hilton Head migration

4. Patio weather

5. Running in "hot as balls" heat AND humidity

As you may have noticed, really only #5 relates to this blog. It is one of the most important for me so that is what I will discuss (although the other 4 are requirements and should be enjoyed as much as possible!).

Now, if you have been reading the past few posts then you have probably noticed that the heat is really giving me some issues with running. As we all know, I like to run in the cold. I love it if it is sleeting and snowing and I feel like I can run forever if the weather is grey and nasty. In the heat I am a slug. I hate being warm when running...it is horrible and my complete inability to hydrate really does not help. However, I realize that this is no excuse to stop and so I am out to find some solutions that will get me going on my way with little complaint (yeah right).

One area of concern this summer for me is clothing. I am what you call a "layer freak". I love to wear layers (we will get to the reason for this in a minute.) The more I can pack on for a run the better I am. What sucks is that this technique really does not work this time of year. Now is the time for shorts (*gag*) and tank tops (oy vey).

Now you might be saying..."what is wrong with that?!"

Well, here you go (and I am going to be blunt):


Yup...I said it. Boobs....Tatas....The Girls...whatever you want to call them...I have them. Don't get me wrong... I am not complaining at all. I am a huge fan of my chest and she gets constant attention  (second to my eyes of course) from both genders and all sexual orientations. She has a fan club which tends to get bigger in social situations that involve any sort of drinking. Even my good guy friends can't help but look down when I wear certain cut clothing in public and my girlfriends love to comment on or even grab them. They are a part of my life and I have learned to embrace them. Now, I don't want to mislead you..I am no Dolly Parton over here....they do not look odd...they work very very well with my body...but let's just say that if there was a wet t-shirt portion of the WS100 I would most likely win and would be pretty damn proud. Now that you think about it.....oh...never mind...I am sure some guy has already started a race series for this :)

Anyway...it is safe to say the above paragraph has illustrated that I have a chest. This is a good thing day in and day out. However, I find it to be frustrating when it comes to running. This brings me to subject # 1. Running tops. Yes, at first I fell victim to the "double layering" of the sports bra, but I quickly rectified that with the Enell ...one of the best damn bras out there. I believe it goes up to a size 8 or 10 and I am only a size 1 so I know it can help almost any runner out there. What this does not help is the type of shirts I can wear and look cute in.

Let's be honest here...every girl likes to look good when they run. Just take a look at the market. If you go into any sporting goods store or run shop you will see all the latest styles and patterns. It is a huge industry and we all fall victim..from our shoes to our bras to our shirts and pants. We want to look good when we are feeling good and that is an awesome thing. However, when you have a chest like mine, certain shirts that are popular out on the market do not work well with the Enell. THAT is why I love to layer in the winter.  Perhaps it is an image and confidence thing. I guess you always want what you don't have when it comes to that subject but either way I have to find lightweight shirts that will allow me to be out in the heat and humidity all summer while hiding my sports bra at the same time!

I am still working on this. Of course...cotton is out. I got a lightweight Pearl Izumi shirt the other day but when I wore it I was greeted with "wow...your chest" from a friend...so that is out, even though it was meant as a compliment. I love the Salomon EXO gear and wear some of it in the winter...however...I wear it as a base layer under like 2 other tops. I am not sure if they have anything for me. Between my high arch feet and my chest I think I would baffle them when it came to size/fit as I am standard size everywhere else. Dick's Sporting Goods carries UA, Adidas, Nike, and a bunch others so I am going to have to suck it up and go clothing shopping one of these days. Nothing like asking someone "hey..can you watch me run by you in this and tell me what you think?!". Perhaps that will be a weekend shopping adventure!

Next up is pants. Not as traumatic as the shirts but still a confidence thing. I will not wear shorts. I hate them and think they look ridiculous. Perhaps it is the paleness (working on it this summer) but I don't think shorts are very attractive first thing out. I am researching skirts but not sure what inseam I want. I even took a look on line at some that I think are worn "commando"? Please...someone let me know if I am totally wrong on this. I really don't want to have to ask that question and would be so embarrassed if I got this one mixed up! I know plenty of guys have built in briefs in their running shorts...but I just don't know about this....do we do this over here? These are European brands...am I missing something?! Either way...for now I have settled on a spandex capri (really...that is the best way to describe them) from Adidas and am very happy (as are my hips :) ). They come down mid calf and I was informed that they were the best looking pants I own the other day...so they can stay. The only bummer is that I think my ankle brace looks stupid with them on so I am once again testing the ankle naked. I hope she is finally healed. If anyone has other recommendations please let me know...I am such a winter runner...I am like a lot puppy here!

Finally we are at shoes. I think I am good here. On trail I have my Speedcross 3 which I am already wearing with little to no socks...so I think they will last quite a while. For road I have my Brooks minimal shoes and I wear those barefoot as well. They are a really lightweight mesh upper and the slightest breeze literally flows thru the entire shoe. They are not the best for rainy conditions but I will make due. Come to think of it...they have quite a few miles on them and are starting to show their age...so if anyone has a recommendation on those let me know as well.

So yeah...that is it. Clothing can me such a bitch sometimes.

The bear lives there!

Other than that I have been exploring lots of new trails. This weekend I spent a few days wandering around Red River Gorge....that is until I found huge bear tracks outside a cave....then it was back to Raven Run for me! Tonight is the West Sixth Brewery run club so it will be another hot day out pounding the concrete. The pool is open so I can start incorporating swimming into my routine. Travel should pick up again soon with hopefully some beach running out on Hilton Head Island and then....only like 3 1/2 months until I am out in Colorado! I have to have enough clothing by then people....someone help me and take me shopping with you!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Send Me On My Way...

The picture does not do justice!

Have you ever visited somewhere and thought "I could just stay here forever!" ?

I have and it fills me with such happiness that all I can do is take a deep breath and smile.

I think we all know this place. It is a place that makes you feel at ease and at peace with all the beauty around it. It is a place that you would not think twice about packing your bags (or taking nothing) and starting new in. It is a place that brings a smile to your face and heart. It is an amazing connection. I am sure you all have a few of those places. You miss it as soon as you leave and start planning your next trip back before you are even home. Common....you know the place....and I know you are thinking of it right now! Happy thought! *Smile*

It is such an amazing feeling standing on those rocks!

Now, for those who know me, it should come as no surprise that one of my "live here forever" places is out in nature. Here in Kentucky that place is the Red River Gorge. For me, it is a place of breathtaking beauty where magical views seem to go on forever. The rock formations are like something out of the books you had as a child....you just look at them and think "if only I could climb them!" The waterfalls (which I have bathed in while camping) are perfect....and cold...but still....you stand under them and feel like you are in some mystical place that no one knows about. I swear...sometimes I just think how neat it would be to take nothing and try to live it out like we would have all those years ago. I hear of people taking a few weeks and just exploring the Gorge and am instantly filled with envy. How neat that must be! I can totally see myself doing that someday....I just have to find the time....and the people because I don't think I would do that alone the first time!

Anyway, totally off track...yes...I know. You are probably sitting here thinking "that's nice Andi, what the hell does this have to do with trail running?! " Well...ok...here we go (calm down people). Today I got to head to Red River Gorge (RRG) and explore some of the trails to run this spring and summer. There..now we are on track so let's discuss that shall we?! OK!!

I got a late start this morning (around 11:00 am) and was a little worried what the conditions were going to be like when I arrived. It rained pretty hard last night and I figured if it was anything like Raven Run here in Lexington then it would be a muddy mess. I really was not looking forward to sliding around trails I was not familiar with and the thought of spraining another ankle really made me think about finding something else to do on a beautiful Friday. Also, it is a holiday weekend here in the US (for my European market) and I figured a million people would be taking off to head in for a weekend of camping, hiking, running and climbing. However, as I got on the Mountain Parkway my mind was instantly put at ease. There was really no traffic at all and the sun was shinning bright all the way there!

Mountain Parkway :)

Just to be on the safe side it was recommended that I explore the Auxier Ridge instead of anything down in the valley. It is a ridge that leads to Courthouse Rock and Double Arch if you want to take the time to go down into the valley and back up. It is made up mostly of sandstone so the trails are a perfect mesh of sand, roots and dry decomposing leaves. I was disappointed to find that there is still a lot of fire damage from a while back, so at first the views were not as pretty as I had hoped. There was a lot of debris and I was surprised how many trees were down. At one point there were so many trees down that a different path on the trail had to be explored but I was not too disappointed. I was not really out there today to full out run. I had never been on Auxier Ridge before and I like to "investigate" and get my feet used to new terrain before I start running. I just think it is a smart thing to do and may help avoid injury (sprained ankles anyone?). I like to see how my feet (and shoes) do with the roots and rocks. I want my mind to have an idea where it is going before my feet do so that I can enjoy the scenery while I run. Today was not about running full speed on the ridge...and I am so happy about that because I got to take in so many wonderful views (see some of the many pictures). Normally I only get around 560 feet of elevation change on the trails of Raven Run and today I got over 800 without making my way down to the bottom. Look out VO2! It is only a matter of time before I am unstoppable ;)

Credit: Outrageis Mapping

I also had never really ran on sandy trails before and let me tell you....if you are going to....go out and get yourself a pair of the Salomon Speedcross before you do. Holy crap...those shoes performed better then they do at Raven Run (and they are awesome there!). The rubber grips on the toe really helped when it came to gripping rocks on uphill climbs (and there a few...almost scrambling at some points). It is so nice to have shoe that performs as well in mud as it does on sand and dry dirt. Both uphill and downhill were easy...even with a lot of debris. I was surprised how well my feet and legs were able to respond to any obstacles in their way. Normally my ankle would turn but in this shoe I have such good support that I am able to change my stride and avoid that horrible pain! It felt good to feel so confident on the trails (and you know I am being honest as I have trashed Salomon shoes in the past.) Sandy trails really allow for roots to come to the surface and small rocks are constantly being kicked around on the trail, so you really have to be aware of your surroundings and have shoes that can react when you "stumble" across anything you kicked in front of yourself!  Finally having the right footwear really has me happy. It is letting me get out and explore these wonderful areas without hesitation. Now that I think about it,  I may have to go on line and buy a few more pairs for when I blow these out!

Sandy trails with lots of roots

Fire damage and down trees

It was a wonderful long afternoon and in the end I only explored about 1/1000 of what there is to see at RRG but I am as tired and as happy as can be. The sun was shinning all day but I don't think it got above 65 degrees, so I got a good dose of vitamin D without frying. Not much nature to report...a few birds and a really fast lizard, but that did not matter....the views made up for it. I think total I saw about 6 people so it was not very crowded and I cannot wait to get back. My local running shop has a few trails mapped out for running and I would love to camp out there and get in as many as I can in the upcoming months. While I will stay at Raven Run for day to day exploring....I definitely want to make RRG a place for weekends. I think the terrain will be great for the 1/2 I am doing in Colorado in Sept!

Thankful I did not have to drive back...seat belt nap was an EPIC fail but I can't sleep any other way in cars (always wack head on window)...I am tired. Dear lord I look tired and pale...I need more sun ;)

As for me, things are going well. I am getting used to changing the way my body responds to certain things and mentally I am exhausted as it is a lot of work. I think I need a vacation...or a camping trip :)

Really....I am exhausted...so just ignore any mistakes...I am too tired to care right now and I am sure there are many ;)  If you want to see more pictures...there are like 34 on my FB page. I went a little camera crazy!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Reaching The Summit Of The Internal Mountain

It has been a little while since I have posted. I have been meaning to...really I have. I guess I can honestly say that the delay is not due to being busy or not wanting to...it has been due to working on vunerability and transparency. It is something I am not good at and when I am asked to share about certain things I tend to run and hide. I guess I have to apologize. I have been hiding. I think this may be draft #9 that I have written since my last entry but I think this one may be the best so I will go with it.

But before that....how about some trail running news!?

The trails are absolutely beautiful here right now and if you remember from my last post I am now the proud owner of my Salomon Speed Cross shoes. I cannot say enough about these beasts. In the past this brand has tore my feet up but I think I have finally found my "Saving Grace".  That and the fact that Ms. Cheapo here found them on line for under $50.00. I am that good.

I love them...plain and simple.

Anyway, I have been testing them out on the trails for the past few days and while they feel a little heavier than my road running shoes (duh...look at the soles) they make me feel like I could climb right up a rock face without using hands. These babies grip everything. Mud really is no longer a problem. I have never felt so in control of my movements while on trail surfaces. I am a frog! Downhill is great! They even make tree roots and debris much easier to navigate. They are the best damn things since sliced bread! As you can tell I am very happy...and they make being on the trails that much more enjoyable. I enjoy them so much I cannot even complain about running grass hills...they make everything that fun!

I am also happy to report that I have decided to do some races on trail after all. For a while I was not feeling competitive and the thought of doing more races just made me sad. I can't pin point what happened but I have a renewed passion. I am now looking forward to this season and picking some great races to run in the near future. Colorado is a go once again and I am even going to run the 1/2 marathon associated with UROC this September. I am so lucky that UROC is actually starting in the same town as the house I will be at in Breckenridge. This run usually changes locations each year so I feel very fortunate to be able to see some amazing runners take off for the longer races! I will be out there a week before my race so at least my body will have a little time to acclimate to the heat and elevation....if not...I am sure it will still make for an interesting story.

Colorado training :)

Other than that...you may see my mood or tone in the blog change a bit in the near future. I love running and nature. I feel the need to be out in nature everyday and when I am not I am sad. I also feel the same way about running. It makes me happy and helps reduce a lot of the stresses in my life. However, if I want to get better at it and enjoy it more, I have to work on some parts of me that are causing stress.

I will not go into much but I am working on something that some may say has "plagued" me for 18 years. I have never had the need or desire to "correct it" until now. I have always been happy with the way I handled myself and my body has adapted amazingly well to the treatment I have given her. But now it is time. I am 32. I now influence people with the decisions I make and being good to myself while running is something I owe my body and mind. Nutrition has always been a struggle for me...and my body has found a way to perform when it probably should not have. Nutrition is also a huge part of running and if I want to be able to do things like Colorado I have to be able to be confident in her ability to keep going when I mentally may not want to. I have to learn to treat myself right and allow her what she needs to perform. The damage I have done may not reverse right away. My thyroid is shot. It will not come back to life...my body has shut it down and I will be forever on artificial hormone. My vitamin and iron levels are not even on paper after blood work. This is my fault. This is my body telling me to "shape up." That can be corrected and for that I am so fortunate. I always thought I was invincible. Don't get me wrong...I am really healthy as far as "general health" goes...so we are all good. I just need to be able to look at myself and how I treat myself and smile. I see beauty all around me and it makes me so happy....now I just have to see the beauty at the end of my nose :)

I know it will be a struggle. What many of you feel as "normal" when it comes to image make no sense to me. We are all different. No one person is perfect and no one way is the "right" way....we just have to do what is right for us. And yes...I find Nutella to be a terrifying thing...have you looked at the nutritional labels?! Sooo good....sooo bad....sooo not fair :)

So I hope you do not mind if I share every few posts or something. Many of you are not here to see me while this transformation takes place. Some have already seen me at an evening run or yoga...and I love you for the hugs and support. I don't want to confuse anyone. I am a very happy person and enjoying life to the fullest. I just need to get on track with getting my body to run like all of you :) Please don't Google and try to "classify" me as anything...especially if you do not know me. That would just break my heart.

I am borrowing a picture from a site I love on Facebook. This is so beautiful to me. A runner named Kilian Jornet Burgada posted it. It reminded me of a conversation I had the other day. As a friend said to me...and I quote (because I wrote it down so I would not forget):

"Before you go explore those amazing mountains...why don't you explore the internal mountain you have been living at the base of first?"

Powerful words. Both loving and a smack in the face all at the same time. That is what friends do. Friends keep you in check. I am now in check...well...I take that back....I am working on being in check. The weather keeps changing on my mountain and I am not sure what the view will look like from the summit....but it is time to see what is on the other side. Happiness in the valley perhaps?

Friday, May 10, 2013

A New York State of Trail

Well Hello There!

Yes, it is true...I am in New York again and I promise everything is fine!  I say this because some have noticed how much I have been traveling back here as of late and have expressed concern. I am healthy (although if I was sick this would be the place to come) and happy...I just have had the urge to visit more. I am at a point in my life where I can do that and I plan to continue with my travel for the next little bit. This week it is New York but in a few it will be Hilton Head, SC or Florida followed by some more New York and then some Colorado!! I am very happy with my decision to travel more and hope to continue sharing the experiences with you (as I plan to find some kick ass trails in each place to run!).

Oh that lake :)

Now, if you remember the last time I was up here I was excited about getting to Lake Minnewaska to explore some new trails. And as you may remember...I spent the whole week sitting on my ass enjoying my childhood home and all the beauty around it. Well...I am proud to say that this time I finally got up there. Today was sunny and 80 degrees so I figured it was now or never. My father was awesome enough to take the day off and come with me so I had someone to share all the amazing views with (and someone to serve as a backup camera man when my phone died!).

So like I mentioned in previous posts, I have been coming to Lake Minnewaska State Park for years but cannot remember ever really exploring the trails (like every other teenager who went there...I was too busy with other things!) Anyway, today I decided to explore a trail that went completely around the lake and I have to say I am so glad I picked it! The whole time I was making my way around I could see the beautiful lake below and all the mountains of the Catskills in the distance. It was almost challenging, as I did not want to pay attention to anything ahead of or around me...I just wanted to keep looking over my shoulder to the left. I also kept wanting to just stop...look around and take pictures. I will admit it probably was not all it could be due to my ADD while on the trails but I could not have been happier (and no...I don't really have ADD). This is just another reason why I will never be competitive in this sport...I just can't not stop and enjoy nature!
The views were breathtaking

I also got to experience how different the trails were compared to what I am used to down in Kentucky. Since NY State maintains this park the trails were well taken care of. Come to think of it, they were almost too well "maintained". Personally, I am not a fan of trails that almost feel artificial due to the introduction of gravel. I like a hard dirt trail full of tree roots and debris. Granted, I cannot move as fast at times, but I feel a little more connected to my surroundings. I tend to feel more "lost" in nature compared to just following a path that so many people make their way on each day. I find that when I am on trails that are created for the sole purpose of mass hiking my instincts don't kick in. My senses don't get as sharp and I don't notice the little things around me. While I loved the experience and the views of today....I cannot say I would want to make it a regular running spot. It almost felt a little too "touristy" for me which was kind of disappointing. However, in the end it was exactly how I remembered it. It is a gem amongst the mountains. The drive there was amazing as every direction provided mountain views and the lake itself is just breathtaking. To top it all off, it looks like the lake is starting to rebound from where it was a few years back. Lake Minnewaska has been classified as a "dead" lake due to acidity but it looks like nature (and man) is starting to repair the damage. Today I saw water snakes...lizards...frogs....small fish and even bass. It was such a great thing to see the ecosystem coming back. I can only hope that she can completely heal in the next few years! It was also a wonderful reminder that New York is not just the City or Central Park when it comes to places and things to do. We have mountains. They may not be like out west but they are amazing and beautiful and full of adventure if you just take the time to visit them. They are all around and really have an impact to those who take the time to notice. Too many times when I mention that I am from NY or going to visit people just assume that NYC is all that there is. So many are missing out. I wish more trail running would come to the Catskill/Pocono area. I think many would be surprised with what our mountains have to offer.
Disappointed in what they called "trails"

OMG....mountains in NY :)

I am also happy to report that today's little adventure totally has me re-energized about Breckenridge, CO in the summer/fall. The thought of a week at the house up there....running all those amazing trails (Sally Barber Mine area) and drinking all that amazing coffee (Cool River Coffee House baby! ) just has me giddy as a school girl!! I cannot wait and I am so grateful this feeling has returned. It was almost depressing as I was becoming indifferent to if I went or not. Now, I cannot wait to get out there and see what the trails are like compared to what I have been on so far. I cannot wait to experience the altitude difference while running....not to mention that this year UROC is starting there during my stay...so I may get to see some amazing runners toe the line (on my way to get coffee of course!)

Anyway, other than that not much is going on. Tomorrow I head back to Kentucky and plan to lace up my new Speed Cross 3's that came while I was gone and hit Raven Run (I found them on line for under $50.00...yes, I am that cheap.) Then it will be Red River Gorge this upcoming weekend to check out some trails that are a part of a new trail running challenge going on at our local run shop.

OH....OH....YEAH.....and I almost forgot (again). I have actually had a few people ask me what I have on my play list. I keep meaning to list it each time I blog and always remember AFTER I hit publish. So...here it is. I am sorry it took so long...and like I told you it is pretty bipolar.  I pretty much listen to everything from techno to classical...it is really a mess. I don't have many songs on as I constantly update and rotate things around...just enough to get thru about 13 miles before getting bored on the replay. I guess I play my music a little loud...because I can't figure out why anyone would really care about what I listen to :) Don't make fun of it....


Alive - Krewella

All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter

Can't Hold Us - Macklemore

Change - Churchill

Come Along - Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green

Coming Home - Diddy

Crystallize (my *$&% favorite right now!) - Lindsey Stirling

Cups - Pitch Perfect Soundtrack

Desert Rose - Sting

Feel This Moment - Pitbull

Go West - Pet Shop Boys (shut up!)

Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips

Greyhound (another favorite) - Swedish House Mafia

It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys

Zombie Nation (Sports Chant) Kernfkraft 400

Light It Up - Fall Out Boy

The Resistance - 2Cellos

Sail - AWOL Nation

Song of the Caged Bird - Lindsey Stirling

Whenever, Wherever - Shakira

Who Needs A Road - Signpost Sound

Everything by Mumford & Sons

So that is it. After this I am going to log onto IRunFar.com and let it update me on the Transvulcania Ultra over in La Palma. We have some awesome Americans taking on the usual suspects today and as much as I am a fan of some...I would really like to see the CO and OR boys kick some butt!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Purity Of Spring

Do you ever look around and really envy the season of Spring?

Think about it. Everything is *new* in the spring. Everything has new life...a new beginning with very little being carried over from the harsh cold winter. To me it is a wonderful season and I have been enjoying it just about every day now.

Each morning when I wake I find myself needing to be out in nature. Not necessarily running, but just being amongst all the tree cover...making my way down the beautiful winding trails....letting the sound of trickling water guide my every step. It is only a little over an hour each morning before I have to emerge and get on with my day, but at the end of each visit I truly feel renewed. At the same time it has me feeling a little confused.

Last year I was so excited for the trail running season to begin. This year I am really excited to be able to get out and run the trails like I want....but I am not so sure I am excited about the races. It is not that the races are not appealing...it is just that I am not sure I want to do them. I know I can do them...but I don't feel the competitive drive to do them. I don't want to be racing a clock or another runner thru them. Perhaps it is because the last race I ran ended in injury and I am somehow subconsciously convinced that injury will happen again as soon as I start racing. Perhaps it is because I feel too close a connection to the environment when I am out there to want to rush thru it. Maybe I hit my head?  I don't know...either way I find myself quite confused on whether I want to be competitive or just a spectator as I run. It has me feeling anxious and desperately trying to figure myself out.

Now this confusion totally sucks because it conflicts with my running dream of being able to do the WS100 (since you have to qualify)...so I hope it is a temporary problem. At the same time I am almost like "well....nothing says I can't run the course whenever I want to....still experiencing the trails and living a dream I have". Who knows....G*d knows I don't. I wish I could start over like spring. Just *pop* up and take to trail racing like last year never happened.

I guess until I figure it out I am just going to keep putting myself where I want to be. I am so lucky that I can move my schedule around at a moments notice like that. I can wake up and go "I want to be on the trails" and within a few minutes I can be on my way. I realize that so many do not have that ability and I promise that every second I am out there I am thanking the universe. It is something I savor with all my heart.

Speaking of the ability to get out on the trails and in nature....I do have one request of all of you...and it comes from an experience I had yesterday. When I arrived at the trail head I ran into a class of students getting a tour from one of the Raven Run staff. The young woman asked the class if they knew what biodiversity was. Now...these kids were old enough to know.....but not one could answer the question correctly. I literally stopped in my tracks and watched in horror as the young woman had to explain to these kids what it was and where they were. Please...if you have any love of nature  share it and pass it on when you can. To think that this is the future really has me concerned about what places like Raven Run will be like in 20 years. Deep down we all have a connection to nature. It is who we are. We are from it and a part of it. It provides for us...takes care of us...and still reminds us on a regular basis that in the end it will always be more powerful than us. We have to keep teaching. If we don't....well I just don't know what to say about that....

That is all for now. For the next little bit I will keep running where I love...and dreaming about all I want to do. So many recent events (mostly involving people passing away) have my heart wanting to do so many things all at once as soon as possible....which is just not rational....but I think it is the instinct that keeps us wanting to live life and experience amazing things. I hope you all are enjoying the weather as much as I am. It really has my "bucket list" of places I want to go....things I want to do....and people I would like to meet growing on a daily basis. (And yes...that sentence originally was "things...places...and people I want to do" but then when I re-read it I saw how inappropriately funny it was....but common...it is me....Queen of the Inappropriate One Liners."

Until next time :)