Monday, May 22, 2017

"You've Got To Knock It Down To Build It Up"

Hey There!

Please...don't ask how I was able to get back into this account after 3 years because I honestly have no idea. It just happened. I'll go ahead and call it fate.

And, I know what you all are thinking:

"Wow! Really?! Has it really been 3 years?"

Yes, yes it has. It's really embarrassing and I can't tell you why I am back, but I here we go...

If I have one thing going for me, it is that A LOT has changed over the years that I can share. I wish I can say I have made huge strides in my trail running but I can't. To be honest, I have gotten 100% worse than I was the last time I updated. What can I say? I don't half-ass things, when I put my mind to doing (or not doing) something, I go all out!

Now, while my running has not improved, I will say my chances of having my running improve have increased greatly.

How did I manage to do that? Easy, I moved. Where did I move? Simple, I moved to the mountains.

Ladies and Gents...I am now a resident of Asheville, NC!

What can I say? It is amazing!!!! Trails and mountains everywhere. I wish I had some really great story of how I ended up here but I don't. However, will say that it was one of the easiest things I have ever done in life. I simply sat down, discussed where I wanted to be and decided it was in the mountains. Of course, Colorado was my #1 choice but then I realized that no one can afford to live in Breckenridge at 36, so Asheville it was!

In all seriousness, I managed to land the most awesome job ever and the transition has been super smooth. My inner nerd does what she loves doing all day: reading contracts and providing compliance advice for a software/tech firm. What makes it even better is that I am surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains while I do it. While I am a minority in that I don't own a Subaru or Forerunner...I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful trails (including the AT) in the country and am meeting all sorts of people who love to spend time on them. Let's face is only a matter of time before the Prius gets traded in but until then, I have some peeps that take me for rides...

I have only been here a few months but have had the opportunity to explore and Asheville does not disappoint. I know when many hear Asheville, they think of the Biltmore Estate but there is so much more to the place! The whole lifestyle is a refreshing change. The environment comes first and everyone spends quite a bit of their time getting out and enjoying it. Minimizing your footprint is a priority and once you go to a restaurant and have to figure out what is trash, recycling, or compost, you realize how serious Asheville is about it. It has felt like home from Day One and I know it was the right choice. Oh! And my pups are welcome anywhere!!!

I know...I know... "Isn't this a running blog?"

Of course it is!  AND I actually have a funny story that relates to running...but it is going to have to wait. I watched some horrible documentary on David Bowie on Netflix and got a late I am too tired. The good news is that there may be a post tomorrow continuing this fun journey (if you are lucky.)

Until then...enjoy some photos of Asheville!!

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