Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer And The Girls...

I think it is safe to say summer has hit the Bluegrass and that can mean only a few things:

1. Pool 

2. Lake season

3. Hilton Head migration

4. Patio weather

5. Running in "hot as balls" heat AND humidity

As you may have noticed, really only #5 relates to this blog. It is one of the most important for me so that is what I will discuss (although the other 4 are requirements and should be enjoyed as much as possible!).

Now, if you have been reading the past few posts then you have probably noticed that the heat is really giving me some issues with running. As we all know, I like to run in the cold. I love it if it is sleeting and snowing and I feel like I can run forever if the weather is grey and nasty. In the heat I am a slug. I hate being warm when running...it is horrible and my complete inability to hydrate really does not help. However, I realize that this is no excuse to stop and so I am out to find some solutions that will get me going on my way with little complaint (yeah right).

One area of concern this summer for me is clothing. I am what you call a "layer freak". I love to wear layers (we will get to the reason for this in a minute.) The more I can pack on for a run the better I am. What sucks is that this technique really does not work this time of year. Now is the time for shorts (*gag*) and tank tops (oy vey).

Now you might be saying..."what is wrong with that?!"

Well, here you go (and I am going to be blunt):


Yup...I said it. Boobs....Tatas....The Girls...whatever you want to call them...I have them. Don't get me wrong... I am not complaining at all. I am a huge fan of my chest and she gets constant attention  (second to my eyes of course) from both genders and all sexual orientations. She has a fan club which tends to get bigger in social situations that involve any sort of drinking. Even my good guy friends can't help but look down when I wear certain cut clothing in public and my girlfriends love to comment on or even grab them. They are a part of my life and I have learned to embrace them. Now, I don't want to mislead you..I am no Dolly Parton over here....they do not look odd...they work very very well with my body...but let's just say that if there was a wet t-shirt portion of the WS100 I would most likely win and would be pretty damn proud. Now that you think about it.....oh...never mind...I am sure some guy has already started a race series for this :)

Anyway...it is safe to say the above paragraph has illustrated that I have a chest. This is a good thing day in and day out. However, I find it to be frustrating when it comes to running. This brings me to subject # 1. Running tops. Yes, at first I fell victim to the "double layering" of the sports bra, but I quickly rectified that with the Enell ...one of the best damn bras out there. I believe it goes up to a size 8 or 10 and I am only a size 1 so I know it can help almost any runner out there. What this does not help is the type of shirts I can wear and look cute in.

Let's be honest here...every girl likes to look good when they run. Just take a look at the market. If you go into any sporting goods store or run shop you will see all the latest styles and patterns. It is a huge industry and we all fall victim..from our shoes to our bras to our shirts and pants. We want to look good when we are feeling good and that is an awesome thing. However, when you have a chest like mine, certain shirts that are popular out on the market do not work well with the Enell. THAT is why I love to layer in the winter.  Perhaps it is an image and confidence thing. I guess you always want what you don't have when it comes to that subject but either way I have to find lightweight shirts that will allow me to be out in the heat and humidity all summer while hiding my sports bra at the same time!

I am still working on this. Of course...cotton is out. I got a lightweight Pearl Izumi shirt the other day but when I wore it I was greeted with "wow...your chest" from a friend...so that is out, even though it was meant as a compliment. I love the Salomon EXO gear and wear some of it in the winter...however...I wear it as a base layer under like 2 other tops. I am not sure if they have anything for me. Between my high arch feet and my chest I think I would baffle them when it came to size/fit as I am standard size everywhere else. Dick's Sporting Goods carries UA, Adidas, Nike, and a bunch others so I am going to have to suck it up and go clothing shopping one of these days. Nothing like asking someone "hey..can you watch me run by you in this and tell me what you think?!". Perhaps that will be a weekend shopping adventure!

Next up is pants. Not as traumatic as the shirts but still a confidence thing. I will not wear shorts. I hate them and think they look ridiculous. Perhaps it is the paleness (working on it this summer) but I don't think shorts are very attractive first thing out. I am researching skirts but not sure what inseam I want. I even took a look on line at some that I think are worn "commando"? Please...someone let me know if I am totally wrong on this. I really don't want to have to ask that question and would be so embarrassed if I got this one mixed up! I know plenty of guys have built in briefs in their running shorts...but I just don't know about this....do we do this over here? These are European brands...am I missing something?! Either way...for now I have settled on a spandex capri (really...that is the best way to describe them) from Adidas and am very happy (as are my hips :) ). They come down mid calf and I was informed that they were the best looking pants I own the other day...so they can stay. The only bummer is that I think my ankle brace looks stupid with them on so I am once again testing the ankle naked. I hope she is finally healed. If anyone has other recommendations please let me know...I am such a winter runner...I am like a lot puppy here!

Finally we are at shoes. I think I am good here. On trail I have my Speedcross 3 which I am already wearing with little to no socks...so I think they will last quite a while. For road I have my Brooks minimal shoes and I wear those barefoot as well. They are a really lightweight mesh upper and the slightest breeze literally flows thru the entire shoe. They are not the best for rainy conditions but I will make due. Come to think of it...they have quite a few miles on them and are starting to show their age...so if anyone has a recommendation on those let me know as well.

So yeah...that is it. Clothing can me such a bitch sometimes.

The bear lives there!

Other than that I have been exploring lots of new trails. This weekend I spent a few days wandering around Red River Gorge....that is until I found huge bear tracks outside a cave....then it was back to Raven Run for me! Tonight is the West Sixth Brewery run club so it will be another hot day out pounding the concrete. The pool is open so I can start incorporating swimming into my routine. Travel should pick up again soon with hopefully some beach running out on Hilton Head Island and then....only like 3 1/2 months until I am out in Colorado! I have to have enough clothing by then people....someone help me and take me shopping with you!!!

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