Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Numa Numa.....

19 days....

19 days until my first trail race of the winter season.

*You have got to be kidding me*

I will be honest. I am terrified.

Why you may ask? 

Well...here....this will best explain it....

(*Conversation with friend*)

Friend: "So...your trail race is coming up"

Me: "Yup...I am scared sh*tless."

Friend: "You worried you won't do well?"

Me: "Nah"

Friend: "You worried about the terrain?"

Me: "Negative"

Friend: "Well, what is it?!"

Me: "I can't listen to music while I run.."

Friend: *puzzled look*

Yup. I read the other day that headphones and cell phones are not approved during my trail run. Now, I know this is for safety reasons as it is single track running...but still.....this has me all wacked out. I listen to music all the time. I listen to it when I am getting ready to go somewhere. I listen to it in the car. I listen to it around the house. I listen to it while trying to fall asleep. For crying out loud...I am listening to it right now!!! This cannot be happening...

Now, some of you may be reading this thinking "What is the big deal?"

Well...I really can't answer that. I love nature....I love the sounds of nature....but music is such a big part of my life and I love to listen to it while I am running in nature. I literally create my play lists around the kind of run I am going to do. I don't just take off running thru a park listening to radio hits, I put great thought into it. Both music and running make me happy. When I put them together...it is safe to say I am in heaven. To not be able to listen to music has me wondering now successful I can be on this little adventure.

My friend called it a "quirk". I guess it is. I see many people heading out for runs without music. You had better believe I am going to have to start training that way over the next couple of weeks. I don't know how this will go. I am a "quirky" kind of person and change is not something I am very fond of. When it comes to my music I am very "quirky"....and I am not talking about my usual "I love picked veggies...chicken liver pate...or skinny mountain runners from Catalunya" quirky....I am talking about my one love when running....

The Moldovan boy band O-Zone.

You can stop laughing now.

Yes....I love this little boy band. They are no longer together but everything about their music makes me happy and it fits perfectly into my running style. To not be able to listen to this while running up and down the trail has me a little nervous. It is something I turn on every time I am doing a new or longer run. It keeps me going...it hypes me up....I don't understand a word of it but I don't care...

I know I have to get over it...and I am sure I will. I guess we will not know how I do until the time comes....so until then I am just going to have to get in as much "Despre Tine" as I can. Really...stop laughing...I am sure you all have "that one thing" that keeps you going on long runs.....

Other than that (which I think is pretty big) tonight was the traditional awesome "brewery run". Now...a few of you seem to have the wrong impression of this event. It is not some bar downtown...it is an entire brewery. It is wonderful. I got in a few miles and only got lost once....but that was because instead of turning with like 50 of my fellow runners...I decided to take it a "little further" down the road. I turned around when I saw a 4 year old's Huffy bike chained to a fence. I figured at that point I had gone to far and needed to head back to "base." Once safely back with friends there was more wonderful talk about our upcoming ski trip. A lovely night with lovely people. I cannot wait until the next time.

Oh....and the whole shoe thing. Yeah, I went out for a run the other night...without the XR Missions. I had been running a few days without them and I will never do it again. My poor ankles....knees...and hips hurt. I am back with the Missions. I am not a minimalist. I cannot join that movement. I need support in my running shoe...and for now my "door to trail" suits me just fine. It felt so good to be back in them tonight. Gazelle I tell you....gazelle.

And now the moment you have been waiting for...another picture of "transparency". It is me before my night run the other day....

Yes...there was almost NO POINT to this blog....just thought I would share what was going thru my mind right now...my "train of thought" is always "de-railed".

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