Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trying Something New

Words cannot express how "unexcited" I was to go running when the alarm went off before 7am this morning. It was looked cold outside...there was bed was room was dark...

"Why did I say I would do this?!"

That was the first thought that ran thru my head as my feet hit the cold floor. was the be honest...I believe the first was "is that a )(*$)(#*$ alarm going off?!".

Why was I doing this you may ask? is because I promised to try something new in 2013. I promised to get over my deal of having to "run alone" and try running with other people. I had committed on the LexRunLadies FB last night that I would be there, and I was going to be...just like I said....looking half awake and grumpy....

I think it is safe to say that if I had balls, they would have frozen off while heading out to warm the car up. 25 degrees. Perfect....just perfect. As I scraped ice off the windshield I promised to never do this again until Spring arrived. I was not a happy camper.

However, my opinion changed when I pulled in towards the barn where everyone was meeting. As I was driving up the hill (yes...I was a few minutes coffee) I saw a group of ladies frantically waving. It was my group. Yes, they were running away without me....but it was "my" group. It was a lovely feeling. It really made my morning...until I realized that they were moving pretty damn fast and I would have to sprint to catch up to them!

As you may have guessed, I didn't catch up to them. I started down the hill and made a few turns heading out to "horse country". The farms were beautiful. So beautiful that they actually slowed my pace down. There were other people with me at the time, but that did not stop me from taking a few pictures or talking to someone new. To see the sun come up over the farms and to feel the excitement of horses breaking off in full sprint as you ran was magical. At that moment, I knew why all these people kept getting up at insane times and freezing their butts off out here. It was a very peaceful thing to do. Even though many were on the route, there was still a silence as people were just enjoying their surroundings. It really didn't bother me...running with one really cared what the other was doing.

To come to that realization is pretty big for me. You see, I am very outgoing (I shock and awe right?!) and do not really limit myself when it comes to doing things. However, I am horribly shy when it comes to running. Why I think anyone is going to care about how I run or my pace is beyond me, but I do. That has always kept me from wanting to run with others and today I realized that you don't have to be in a big group talking the whole time to enjoy the company.

I think I can say I am "hooked" and will be doing it more often. It is fun. I will not be chatting it up the whole time, but to have the "silent company" is kind of nice. I think I am ready to be part of the "group".

And speaking of the group...I have to thank them....all of them for continuing to ask me to group run. Never have I been so warmly welcomed and randomly hugged as I have by the ladies in LexRunLadies. It has taken me a while to warm up to them but it is such a great bond to be forming!! I love it! Many have FB'd or asked me if they can run with me and I would totally recommend coming out to a run with this group! It is truly motivating...and I will admit...there are times when I am not (silence is not motivating people!). I will do whatever run you want with them....find them on FB...LexRunLadies or Twitter...or even online....they post a weekly calender of activities. You do not have to be a seasoned pro to run....any skill level will be made to feel like a champion by these ladies! You can and will get there...just give it a try...try something new :)

In other news, hopefully I will be able to go explore some new trails tomorrow. I have been looking at the map and they look to be pretty good for dirt bike trails. They have some good elevation so I am pretty excited! While road running I have actually been wearing my Salomon S-Wind shoes...which is a totally different feel than the XR Mission. I don't know what I think about that...I am going to give them a try on the trails just for "sh*ts and giggles" and see how they compare. For now I think the XR Missions will go from "door to trail" to just trail and we will see how the S-Wind hold up on the road. I know...I know....this is big news coming from me.....everyone knows the XR's are my favorite shoe in the whole wide world! They are still #1 in my could they not be....they are so beautiful!

OH....and if you have any running of the greatest women trail runners ever (Anna Frost) has decided to tackle the issue. All I could say was "eeep" when I saw on Kilian's page that she was taking on questions relating to women and running issues. The first question I would ask is "holy cr* does anyone keep their calf muscles from getting friggin huge?!"  While I love my muscles, I am not sure how these calves are going to look in heels come Spring. It is starting to bother me. I say I would ask....but I am totally too shy....runner shy...remember? 

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