Friday, November 23, 2012

Back To Where I Love...

It may not seem like much to some, but the park and grass trails behind my house are the best places to run. Sure, you have to keep an eye out for mole holes/tunnels and whatnot, but it seems like for an hour or so the place is as far away from Lexington as you could be. Between all the hills and the equestrian park area (complete with fences, barns and of course, horses) it just does not feel like you are running close to a subdivision at all.

Tonight I was chasing the sun. I got a late start and had to take a short break to turn my socks inside out (still breaking in those Salomons!) in attempt to stop blisters (didn't happen). Due to the blisters I took it slow tonight and got to take in all the wonders around me. I stopped and visited the horses, ran towards a couple interesting things in a field, and just watched the sun set as I ran over a field of hills.  It was a pretty good run after a few days of not running on grass or trail. Like I said yesterday, I think the grass/trail is a much better run than pavement. I feel like a kid just running anyway I want...sometimes arms spread like an airplane...just "being" for a while! It is a nice break....and it ended in a "Black Friday" with the sun setting just as I hit my back porch.

Since I was trying not to destroy my feet with blisters, I got to take a few pictures on my phone. Here they are....Enjoy!!

The first picture is of the park as I was coming over the last hill on my way home. The sun was just about gone and it was just beautiful.

The second picture is my start towards the horses after I pass a few soccer fields closer to the house.

The third is a little creek spot before the second half of my run. I debated whether to clear it or not, but my beautiful shoes are just too clean right now :)  Plus...running with blisters and wet socks all while the temp is dropping? Not tonight!

The fourth and fifth are a few of my favorite spots to run by. One is a dried creek bed that looks like it would be an awesome trail if it did not lead to nowhere. The other is an old tree that always looks so amazing just standing there in the middle of a clear field. I often stop and touch it, amazed by how old it must be and everything it has "experienced" over the years.

The sixth is a memorial to a horse. It is in the middle of the field. I really had to look to find it today...running all over the field until the setting sun actually caused it to "glow" in the grass around it. Seeing this really lets one who is not from KY know what "Horse Country" is all about :)  We love them!!!!

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