Friday, November 30, 2012

The Meaning Of It All....

Have you ever found that the longer you run the more time you have to think about random things?

I seem to be having this problem. What is bothersome is that this seems to be happening even when I have my music going. I mean...really?!  Who has deep thoughts while listening to Gangnam Style or Barbie Girl?!  I thought music was supposed to keep your mind from destroying your workout!

 *sigh* Just how I roll I guess :)

Anyway,  so last night I took my long run and I thought it was going to be perfect. The sky was clear and you could see quite a few stars. The temperature was dropping, but did not get cold until the end. I was having a really good run and then *bam* for some reason I thought "what if we are all just really animals that evolved from fish-like creatures and that is why we get hiccups?" Followed by "what if there is nothing past this life?" and ending with "surly there has to be something else since energy cannot be created nor destroyed...and we are made up of energy."

I really do not recommend having these thoughts on long runs.

Holy cr*p it totally threw the run off. What made it worse was that I continued to think about it for miles and came up with no answer. I looked around and saw nature and modern technology trying to get a long. I began to wonder if it would be better if we were more "primitive" and didn't depend so much on technology (I say as I am typing on my MacBook). I saw a few people of different sizes and wondered if we would all be better off if we were forced to find our own food and build our on shelters and run from things trying to hurt us. I wondered why we are not "decreasing" in our lives and why would a G*d give us all this ability to create and mess things up all at the same time. I also wondered if all this technology was what is making so many people sick. After realizing that I would be dead if it were not for modern technology, I tried to change the subject in my head....

I went to bed unable to do so. I woke up this morning and took a short warm up run and figured out what may have caused these questions to pop up. "How the Earth Created Man". Yup...friggin History Channel strikes again. But, now that I think about it, they are pretty good questions.

In terms of running, does genetics really play that big a role in how good you are? If you have the motivation, can a regular runner really compete with the elite? If we were forced to fend for ourselves, would we evolve further? Are some of these runners you hear about doing it now and we just have not noticed it? Scientifically, they are so much better than the Average Joe.....but can the Average Joe make themselves better on their own? Should I just shut up now?

Either way, if my mind keeps this up I am screwed. I mean...who wants to run a 1/2 marathon pondering the existence of the universe?

Well....I don't know....and this blog did not answer if you actually made it to the bottom I may have provided you with the "WTF?" moment of your day and nothing else. For that I apologize. I think I need to go for a hike this weekend and "chill".

That is it, but if you have any opinions on the matter, I would love to hear them :)

Oh...and did I ever mention that I don't really care about grammar while I am writing these? Call me lazy (I bet Beth and Bess are screaming at the monitor now!) but I just type as I think. I don't stop and "reflect" in any way. Apparently I save that for my running time :)

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