Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rest Day?! We Don't Need No Stinkin Rest Day!!

That's right....

Rest day.

I hate them but people tell me I need them. A day to let your muscles repair and get stronger before you head back out to beat them down again. A day to regain mental focus and just enjoy "being off".

Rest days do not work for me. They are horrible. That is that.

So what will I do on my "rest days" you may ask? Wait for  Not just any yoga, yoga in a brewery. Yoga in a brewery with about 50 of your closest friends. And when I say close...I mean you can't spread your arms without taking your neighbors head off close.

It is awesome. Take that is beyond is amazing. In that one hour of yoga I believe I sweated more than I normally do after miles running. My legs feel like they are going to fall off at any minute. They are literally shaking. I think I left my butt back at the brewery. I know I left my pride there. I would say over 50% of the people there were what I would call "friggin pros." They made black stretch pants look good. I loved every minute. I left feeling like a different person. I will be there every week...just like I am at the brewery running every week. I wonder if they will do a neat little shirt?!

Years ago I took pilates classes every week and loved them. This felt the same way. I know it will help improve balance and build the core...which will help with future trips...AND one day...*drum role please* my 400 mile/ 7 day bike trip in the Rockies. Yes, another adventure to add to my list: Bike The Rockies.

Now, how can this be a bad thing? You can have teams of up to 10 people....and for 6-7 days you bike 400 miles in the Rockies. At each stop in town you set up tents....grab a bite and have a good ol time with about 2000 people you have never met before. Nothing can go wrong...this will be wonderful. It is on a friends bucket list...and we may die while doing it but we will be there. Colorado in June/ problem :)

Actually, with winter coming I have been thinking that skiing and bike training may be good to add to the running. I figure it will give the knees and joints a break while keeping the muscles working. Not too shabby.

Tomorrow it is back to the trails/grass. We will see how the post-yoga legs do. Hopefully I will be floating on clouds. If not, there is enough Tylenol to get me thru it!

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