Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1,000 Miles? No Problem..You Got It...I Will Take Another Beer Now Please...

Have you ever thought: "Hey! I should challenge my friends to a bet to see who can run 1,000 miles in a year!"? 

That's right. 1,000 miles. 5 friends....$100.00 each....running 1,000 miles...hopefully more. And the best part is we are going to have t-shirts. Lord knows I would not have agreed if we did not have t-shirts.

We are going to kick it off on Jan 1st at the "Resolution Run" New Years Day. The race is at 1:30 and is a 5 miler, so we may also make bets on who will get sick first  :)  I believe the shirts will say something like "995 more to go" and may involve a donkey (as the mascot). I have never been so excited about running in my life. I can hardly wait for the next few weeks. I can just see how ridiculous this is going to be. And you are going to be a part of every mile :) There is a good chance total burn out may occur...but I don't care.

Now you may be asking yourself "Andrea, how are you going to track this?" Good question, I am glad you asked. Map My Run. If you do not have this app you really need to pick it up. It is awesome, and the fun thing is you can form teams and actually record this type of information. Give it a try. You can record your route, time, and distance....or you can opt to have a chick come on and scream at you every mile or so telling you to either speed up for slow down. How is that for motivation? I find it to be annoying as hell...but it gets the job she is allowed to stay.

Another question you may have is "how are you going to train along the way?" running, skiing, bike riding, yoga and indoor rock climbing of course! How else would you cross train during this time? And yes, I did just say indoor rock climbing. I did not know this until the other week, but Lexington has a climbing gym. Bluegrass Bouldering here I come. There will be can count on that. Hopefully my new climbing career will not kill my running career.

OH! And my trail running career takes off on January 26th. I found the TOPO Trail Running Series here in KY. 5-10 mile races on some of the prettiest trails KY has to offer. This is it folks...what I have been waiting for. TOPO is starting what Western States will probably someday end :) I am both nervous and excited. So nervous that I am heading to Red River Gorge this weekend to get some real trails in.

Oh, and before I go...I have a favor to ask. I don't really care what or who you believe in when it comes to prayers and what I am just going to ask that you think of a family at this time.

While I know there are many people who need thoughts and prayers right now, something happened here in Lexington that really hit close to home. Literally...close to home. Lauren Roady was one of the runners running in the CC championship meet I mentioned a blog or so back. She was one of the runners I watched take off thru the fields behind my house. She came here from DC to run. Saturday night she was hit and killed crossing the street downtown. While she was not running then, she was hit in a very familiar spot. She was hit right where I stop and wait for traffic lights every Tuesday night during my "slightly modified" route @ the brewery. I ran by that area this Tuesday night and the incident really has me checking to make sure I know what traffic is doing at every minute. Again, she was not running at the time, but she came to Lexington to do something that I love to do...and it just breaks my heart that this happened. I did not personally know her, but she shared the love for running that many of us have. Just be grateful next time you get to go out and do what you love to do. Some no longer have that wonderful ability.

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