Friday, December 7, 2012

Run Little Yoga Girl Run!

What is the saying? "Absence makes the heart......" yeah, yeah, yeah....I apologize for the lack of blogs (since I know how eagerly you all wait for them).....I have just been tired. I really can't make up anything better to tell you.

I may have turned into a lazy blogger, but my running has been anything but. I think it is safe to say I bounced right back after being forced to sit under trees and cry. The pace is quickening and the miles are getting easier. But the best thing of all is that I have finally found a way to clear my mind. Yoga. It has only been a few weeks...but going to yoga and then practicing it a few minutes each day has really helped me move to the "next step" in my distance running.

Now, if you know me, you are probably reading this and thinking " is impossible for that girl to relax for even 2 minutes." After all, I am the ultimate thinker. Sometimes I think about what to think about next. I am uncomfortable with silence. For some reason I have always equated that with something going wrong or being awkward. I fill empty spaces with noise..whether it be my own voice, music, or other people. Now that I think about it (no pun intended), this may be why I "wack" out so easily :)

Anyway, so back to yoga. I went to (and blogged about) yoga 2 weeks ago. I went in search of something to do on days when I had to rest and since it was at the best place in the world (West Sixth Brewery) it was a no-brainer. I will admit, I was not very confident, but our teacher  (AnneDean Watkins) is the friggin best out there and she made it fun. But she also spent quite a bit of time having each of us "thank" ourselves and find a little bit of calm and silence. I had never really done that before. I think it is something everyone should do everyday. I mean..when is the last time you actually thanked yourself for doing something for "you"? Now don't get me wrong, yoga is hard work...but it is the kind of work your body thanks you for in return. Take a look could that not be fun!?!?!

What does this have to do with running? Well, now it may be because my core is so sore after it, but my posture has changed for the better. It forces you to stand taller, which slightly changes the stride and I think leads to a better run. I also find myself able to "silence" my mind and just enjoy the run and noises around me. My legs are also responding better. It may be all the stretching and extra attention they are getting, but they seem to be able to last longer without being bothered by lactic acid build up.

I also spend some of my time thanking myself for taking the time to get out there and explore. The world looks so different with each time of day and weather. I find a rainy night to be incredibly peaceful. It is almost magical. So quiet and really makes you get in touch with your "inner animal". When the running starts to get tough, I force myself to smile. You may not think that does anything, but when I am in a straining pose @ yoga class, AnneDean makes us smile. Try it is kind of neat. It is like smiling sends a little message to your body and brain that you can do anything :)

In other news, I also purchased something that should help with my "inner posture" (or so the tag says). Please welcome the newest addition to Andrea's running family:  The Salomon XR 1/2 Zip Midlayer Top (see below). This is a great compresses in all the right places (chest...arms...back) and really allows for a great feeling run. AND...if you decide to wear it as your only layer, you are bound to get some attention on the trail/road...LOL.

Now, keep in mind....if you decide to order this....I think our ladies on the "other side of the pond" may be a little smaller....that or trailrunners/ultrarunners may not tend to have "as much up front". I would recommend ordering another size up. You will still get the tight fit you need for moisture wicking and all that other good stuff....but the "girls" will thank you.  I should mention that when I finally write my letter to them about their insoles! I could be the "new thing" from a marketing stand point....

.....or not :)

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