Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bourbon Chase.....Oh Bourbon Chase.....

Bourbon, Horses, College Basketball, Running.

Those are just a few things in Kentucky that we are "die hard" passionate about.  If you think I am joking, just look around Lexington when Keeneland is racing or during March Madness.  It is like nothing you will ever experience....its a part of our DNA down here. 

Now, go ahead and combine any two of those passions and you are in for a good time. No, take that are in for an amazing weekend that you will probably never forget. For me, that combination is The Bourbon Chase

I would try to describe this to you myself, but I would not do it justice. Take a look below at the websites description and tell me you would not want to do this...

"The Bourbon Chase celebrates the best of Kentucky. It is a 200-mile journey across the Bluegrass State – through our historic bourbon distilleries, across our majestic horse country, and into our enchanting small towns.
Begin your journey at Jim Beam and head east to Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World.
In the quaint city of Bardstown, you pass through Heaven Hill, the largest family-owned distillery in the world. Next, you trek toward the historic and beautiful Maker's Mark distillery.
Exiting the distillery, you head into the heart of central Kentucky, passing some of the state's most historic areas. First, the course takes you near Perryville Battlefield, where a significant Civil War battle took place. Next, you will head south to Stanford, the second oldest city in Kentucky. Then, the course turns for the north as it passes through the middle of the enchanting community of Danville where the state's first constitution was written. Finally, before heading back into distillery country, you run through Harrodsburg. Founded as Fort Harrod in 1774, it was the first permanent settlement west of the Alleghenies.
The unique Spanish Mission-style architecture announces that you have reached Four Rosesdistillery. From here, you come into Lawrenceburg, home of Wild Turkey. Crossing over the Tyrone Bridge, several hundred feet above the Kentucky River, you enter the official gateway to Horse Country. This section of the course, heading toward Woodford Reserve, is undoubtedly the most stunning because of its rolling bluegrass countryside and picturesque horse farms.
From there you head toward the charming community of Midway, home of one of the nation's leading colleges focusing on equine professions. As you wind your way out of Midway and down the delightful scenic back roads of the Bluegrass Region, the course works its way into downtown Lexington. By now, you can smell and hear the finish line celebration that awaits you and your friends at Triangle Park, near the Alltech Brewery & Distillery."
Exciting right?!
It has been in the back of my mind since I saw a leg of it last year. I have been thinking about it non-stop as of recent. I want to do this. I want to be on a team and spend my weekend in a transport van taking turns running the different legs of this 200 mile journey! There is nothing bad about this! I mean, just look at the course:

There will be one thing different this year though. A lottery. Yup...figures...the first year I want to do it and there will be a lottery. I was hoping they would add more than the usual 300 teams of 12 that are allowed in, but at the same time I understand their desire to preserve the integrity of the race. I will take my chances and see if luck is on my side.
Even if my team does not get picked, there are still a few ways I can get in. I can raise and run for charity (which is always a good thing)....or I can wait for injury/drop out which is always inevitable. Every year someone will get injured and will have to drop out. And every year their team has to scramble to find a replacement runner to cover their legs of the race. I saw it a bunch on Facebook last year, but did not think I was ready to "jump on board". Now, I am. I want this to be my year! One way or another I will be in this race! And one of the best parts...yeah, you know I am thinking it...t-shirts. The teams make up t-shirts. This is just too awesome...
But until then I will continue to run in the lovely 28 degrees Lexington is now offering me. As I look out the window, I see the snow covered park and trail behind me and will have to be out there soon. The weather is also reminding me that I need to invest in some true cold weather running gear. I hate to be all bulked up on a run. I need to do some research. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. 

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