Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Sound Of Silence...

Snow has arrived in the Bluegrass!!!

Yes...I said it...snow!

How perfect is this?!

I cannot express the feeling of joy that came over me when I looked out my bedroom window this morning and saw my beloved park covered in a beautiful white blanket! It was perfect. Everything was covered in snow..the grass...the trees....the trails... and the skies were that wonderful shade of grey. My park was calling me....and I had to answer the call...there was too much to get out and see...I could not wait a moment longer. After fueling up on my breakfast of choice (coffee), I layered up headed out.

The run was perfect and there was not a soul in sight. The only prints (besides one set of familiar ones at the start) to be found were that of small rabbits and squirrels. For almost an hour, I completely forgot I was in Lexington. I felt isolated and at peace. I can't really say I have had that feeling before during a run. The whole park was dead quiet. The only sound to be heard was my own hard breathing and feet struggling to make a path thru the snow. If I stopped and looked around there was white as far as the eye could see. It was an "odd" feeling. What is weird is that I really liked it. I never really understood how people could want to go into nature and feel totally "lost" until today. Running in the winter is totally different than running during the spring, summer or fall. It is like everything in nature is completely at peace after the snow falls. Nothing is moving...everything is just "still". I am so grateful  that I could run thru Nature's beauty today.

Hydration was not an issue today....nature provided.

The feeling of isolation was so peaceful

The creek I cross made the most wonderful sound

I wish I could have stayed out there longer, but I had physically exhausted myself in a short period of time. The pace was not fast, but I was able to just run around and "investigate" all the trails and paths. They looked totally different than a few days ago. I just smiled as I ran around...sliding and struggling to keep balance. It is probably a good thing that I was all alone, I probably looked like a complete fool :)

I guess this entry today is going to be more picture based than words. I think they will give a better idea of how wonderful this mornings run was. My heart is so happy...and my body is at peace :)  I hope you all have the same feeling right now.

Oh....and have I mentioned how disorganized things have become with all my running gear laying around? I guess this is the sign of good times had:

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