Thursday, September 19, 2013

Does Anyone Have A Tranquilizer Dart?


Well, look at that...I decided to finally blog after almost two months off!

I know, I suck...


(Well...not THAT much snow...but still :) ) 
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Yup, I am heading off to my place in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado in the morning. I am so excited. A friend sent me a message letting me know that she saw on the news (she is more towards Boulder) that Breckenridge got snow in the higher elevations last night. That my friends, is a very beautiful thing. Snow on peaks of mountains = very happy Andi.  I have been watching the weather all week and while it is a good 20 degrees cooler then here in Lexington, I was not expecting snow at all. This will make the trips up Peak 8 and Peak 9 interesting. Watch your Instagram..things are about to get real....or just really hysterical. With my history of injury during adventures, you never know what is going to happen :) Either way, I promise to make it worth your while so stay tuned.

Until then, I am busy thinking about packing at some point tonight. As I type this I am looking at my dinning room table and it is covered with nothing but running shoes and hydration packs. I think I own more running clothes than actual dress clothes.  I am also in a state of distress, as I have only been able to locate one of my Salomon running socks and one compression sleeve. I have no clue where their matches went and will now be forced to visit as many running shops as I can in order to replace them! Oh how horrible is that?! ;) 

(The rest of the stuff is upstairs!)

I am also trying to calm my "pre-travel nerves" by drinking as much coffee as humanly possible. You see, I am the world's worst traveler. I don't want to say I "wack out" before vacations...but I "wack out" before vacations. It also does not help that the coolest little coffee place in town is closed Saturday and Sunday. What on earth were they thinking?! I will tell you what they where thinking....they were thinking "Andi is most likely wacking out right let's post on FB that we are going to be closed and send her over the edge".  Well...Cup of Breckenridge....well worked! 

Oh, and speaking of "over the edge"...I am well on my way when it comes to how I think this trip will go. So far I have imagined every "worse case scenario" when it comes to things I may run into on the trails. Snakes, bears, foxes, badgers, wolverines, scorpions, name it....I have thought about it.  I can't make this shit up. I know once I get on my way tomorrow I will be fine, but until then I am just an internal nightmare. Now, it may seem like I am nuts...but I really am not. I am just what you would call a "planner." :)

Other than true Andi form, I have managed to injure myself RIGHT BEFORE I leave. Only I would accidentally kick a metal door while wearing flip flops and tear a gash into my big toe. At first I was worried, since when I looked down at the door it had rust all around the bottom...but then I eased up when I remembered that I was still within my 10 year window for my T-shot from back when I accidentally stabbed a pair of scissors through my hand at work while trying to cut a popcorn seed and talk to customers at the same time. (Once again, I can't make this shit up...I have proof in the form of a nice little scar). Now, as you know...there is a 100% chance that I am being over dramatic about this injury...but I am happy to report that the bleeding has finally stopped. Thank G*d I had purchased athletic tape to tape over all the anticipated blisters I will be getting. This band aid is not moving any time soon :)

(My toe....I can't friggin believe it. On the right...the scissor scar...because didn't think it was real...but it is!!!)

Well, that is about it. Tomorrow the journey begins and I am so excited. I am grateful that the rain has stopped. Even though the Breckenridge area did not see as much as other areas, it was heartbreaking to see what all those people were going through. It is so good to see the people and area coming back as strong as ever! Get ready for updates, as I am sure I will be super motivated to share once I get there. I can promise some beautiful trail photos....or a lot of ground photos...depending on how I acclimate to the altitude. Worst case...lots of pictures from the hot tub OF the mountain view :) 

Wish me luck!!!

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