Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Art Of Breathing

I finally made it to Breckenridge!

(I love the drive to Breckenridge!)

After a day and a half of travel, which included an amazingly uneventful trip through the entire state of Kansas,  I am happy to report that all went well and I am at what I call "The Trail Runner's Crash Pad" safe and sound (and totally unable to breathe.)

(So yeah....Kansas....I70...not a fan)

Acclimating to the elevation change (around 9,600 feet) has been a challenge this afternoon. I know it will take a while but I hate the time it actually takes to feel like you can take a deep breath again. Just lugging things upstairs was a workout...I can't imagine what the trails will bring in the morning! In the end I am looking to make it up to just around 13,000 feet...which is an additional 3,400 feet to get used to after getting used to this initial change! Like I mentioned before...most the pictures may be of the ground ;)

(The start of the climb up out of Denver)

Speaking of trails, they are all around me. I have no idea which one to explore first! I hope it is tomorrow, however, the mountains may have different plans. We are expecting thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon and then snow showers in the evening. I am not a fan of running in thunder and lightening so we will see what it brings. I have to remember I have a wonderful week to explore and appreciate all the beauty around me. If I have to spend the day exploring downtown Breckenridge or just the pool....then that is not a bad thing!

(The view from my porch....)

(My fav (besides West Sixth that is!))

For now I am laying in bed...feeling quite worn down from what I fear is the start of some brutal altitude sickness. The only good thing is my headache went away after a few ibuprofen and Breckenridge Brewery Avalanches :) The time zone change, while only two hours has me all out of wack since I am still running on EST. Not the stellar first night I was expecting of myself (the night itself is great...I am the bummer at this point) but there will be plenty more.

I can't wait to share all this amazing place has to offer! For now, I am going to rest up and hopefully be ready to roll soon! OH...and my toe is doing very well...thank you for asking ;)

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