Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mountain Weather - 1 Andi -0

Well...I called it yesterday when I said the weather may keep me from the trails today.

Rain and thunder...*ick*

Now, normally a little rain wouldn't stop me from heading out for a run, but the weather up here in the mountains can be pretty unpredictable at times and the last thing I wanted to do was get stuck up in a higher elevation during a major thunderstorm!

(A morning spent at the pool...staring at this mountain....trying to see the best trails to head up)

Instead, we made the best of the day relaxing and just putzing around. The morning was dedicated to pool time. I got some good lap work in and loved every minute of the 90 degree heated pool outside during a 46 degree morning with rain! Talk about adapting to temperature change. Jump out of hot tub...freeze...hit 90 degree lap pool....relax....and repeat!  The amazing thing about our pool is that we have a view of peaks 8,9 and I believe 10.  Each time we swam out we would look up at the different peaks, deciding which trails would be best and how many practice runs would be required before we tried the total 12,988 feet. In the end we changed our plans a little and decided that peak 8 would be the most enjoyable and feasible during this trip (check out my hot map!)

(Just a hot little map showing ALL my options thanks to the USFS)

After the pool I got to head downtown. I love downtown Breckenridge since it really does remind me of Woodstock, NY.  Of course it was raining with thunder off in the distance but I could care less! The only downside of the whole trip in was that the donut/coffee shop (not the one that opens back up TOMORROW) I was looking for had closed. Figures. They all can't be as cool as North Lime Coffee and Donuts I guess :)

(A little stop on the bridge before hitting downtown)

(I have become obsessed with running past running water :) )

The highlight of the afternoon was a trip in to the Vertical Runner run shop. It has pretty much everything you could need for a good solid week of trail running. They had some of the latest styles Salomon has released as well as Ultimate Direction (including an awesome hydration vest which I may have to pick up!). BUT the BEST THING OF ALL is that they are having a Fun Run this Thursday with Sage Canaday and Max King leading the way!!! People, you can not possible understand how excited I was. I mean, honestly, picture me just trying to suppress my "big expressive eyes" and "random hand gestures" that those close to me have come to love!  Now, UROC is taking off from Breckenridge on Saturday and I believe both are participating...but to have them doing a fun group run?! It is just awesome. They are some of the best in the Ultra Running/Trail Running world and I just about peed myself when I heard this news. It is just cool beyond belief. UROC does not stay in the same place each year, and to have it here....amazing to begin with....but to have the Vertical Runner put this together....just wonderful! I many people get to just "head out for a run" with some of the best in the sport they love? Argh! So amazing...ok...I have to stop........

(Saw this posted inside the Vertical Runner!)

Anyway, in the end the rain forced me to hit the gym today instead of the trails. I used to hit the gym all the time and loved every minute of it. I was a total gym rat. Tonight...not so much. I got an awesome workout in but it made me realize how much I love running outside. I did the standard cardio on the elliptical and some strength training on the universal. I also tried to run on a treadmill, which was a friggin horrible experience. I eventually had to give up because I could not get a good stride going. Instead, I cranked that b*tch up to an insane incline and power hiked for a while. With winter coming I think I will just purchase more layering gear instead of heading inside for runs.

(Such a wonderful thing...but at the same time...not so much)

So that is about it. I hope to hit the trails tomorrow. For right now I am sitting here in a friggin amazing robe from the spa....with both the patio door open and the fireplace going. Life is wonderful and I am so happy that I get to share this with you all.

OH....AND THERE WAS SNOW TODAY! I went out this evening and saw the beautiful mountains with a good dusting. Severe thunderstorms are expected tonight but perhaps some snow later on. So happy :)


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