Monday, September 23, 2013

Sucking Wind

Isn't it amazing how every time you get a little too confident the Universe is there to knock you down a notch or two!?

For me, this evening's run was the perfect example of that.

(Morning snow)

Now, like I have mentioned...I thought I was doing pretty well with acclimating to the altitude here (not). So much so that today I decided to hit the trails and show them what I was made of. I am pretty sure they got a good laugh because I sucked ass. My pace per mile was normal but I felt like I was running with a small VW Beetle strapped to my chest. What an experience! I have never felt anything like it. I was able to run but boy was I sucking wind! I was literally trying to inhale as deep as I could with each step in some desperate attempt to convince my body that we were back at like 1,000 feet in Lexington. It was an enjoyable EPIC FAIL.

The run totally exhausted me for a while but I was able to come across some pure vertical trail that I totally plan on hitting up in the morning. Straight up the ski slope. While I am pretty sure I am still a few days off before I try Peak 8, I figure this back and forth up the slopes will really help me prepare.

(Yes...the picture sucks...but the trails were awesome!)

After a little while on the trails today, I decided to run back to downtown Breckenridge. I was really surprised that I had the whole town virtually to myself. The sidewalks were almost empty and I can tell you that I was the only one running them. It was kind of nice. I made my way back down to the Vertical Runner to pick up some GUs and try on that UD hydration vest I saw yesterday. I have never run with vest, let alone with one that had hydration bottles on the front. I wish someone was there to take a picture of chest....and hydration bottles strapped to the front of them. It was both amusing and friggin awesome at the same time. I believe the sales guys response was something along the lines of "well...women are mixed on the vest because of the you can have." It was hysterical honesty but the system itself felt really good. I may have to head back down tomorrow and pick it up. $39.99 for the system (which includes two front bottles) is really not a bad price at all! It was the perfect end to the run. I got to hit the run shop AND grab a bottle of wine before heading back home. I am not going to lie...the people I passed thought I was damn amazing running with a shopping bag full of wine ;)

Other than that I plan to hit those vertical trails tomorrow. Thursday's Fun Run is a 4-5 mile trail which will be really really laid back (I was promised by the VR guy) but I still want to be able to stay within sight of the elites, so I am going to work my butt of until then :) For now, I am heading to the gym after finding out that the hamburger I inhaled after my run was fried in bacon grease. It was amazing but I just can't go to sleep knowing my burger was fried in bacon grease and I did nothing about that :)  Actually...I do have a little confession. Being out here in Colorado and being as physically active as I have been in a higher elevation really has me confident about my body and how she can perform. My build and muscles are something I am embracing here and am really not at all self conscious. It is a nice change. I feel my body constantly working and it is something so wonderful I really cannot describe in words. For once my mind is at ease. I really don't think this trip can get any better.....

OH WAIT...and snow this morning. Most of it is here to stay, as some of the mountain sides don't seem much snow. What a wonderful sight to wake up to. That with a morning hot tub and out door pool swim and I was in heaven!!!

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