Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#Wind #Windsucks #Ihatewind

Hehehehe....if you don't get the humor behind all the # in the title...then before you go any further you have to watch this:

Anyway, moving was a wonderful rest day. I had planned on hitting those beautiful vertical trails I ran yesterday, however, after I almost fell to the ground in pain after jumping out of bed, I decided to take it easy.

So with no running planned I did the only thing any girl would do (after eating only bacon and coffee for breakfast..ick). I went to the pool and then I went shopping (hey...but give me credit...I walked downtown and back!) It was a lovely day and at around 59 degrees it almost felt hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be about the same, so the run is sure to be a good one!

In not so good news, the weather is showing quite a bit of wind in the higher elevations over the next couple of days. We are talking about possible wind gusts around 40 mph. Now, I love me some wind...but I am not sure if I love me that much while trying to achieve what I have set out to with this trip. I am going to keep an eye on it and will let you all know how it goes. It helps to have knowledgeable people around me who are taking a look at the maps and finding other fun and amazing things to do in the mountains if need be!

Speaking of fun and amazing things...LOOK OUT...tomorrow is going to be an interesting entry. For the first time ever (*drum roll*)...this blog will be covering two separate topics at once. Team Grand Timber is splitting up. One half is going to the Fun Run with elite runners Sage Canaday and Max King (woohoo!)  and the other half is taking off with special guest (and uber cool friend) Melodie on an adventure that will probably go down in history as both hysterical and embarrassing. I will give no more will just have to wait and see :) If you can will get a prize :)

** Update...not so much on the surprise fun adventure  :(  Fun run is still on people!

That is it for now. Nothing to talk about because this is what I did most afternoon:

(And was only 59 degrees)

Hate wait....#hateme :)

I can't wait to write tomorrow and tell you all about everything. Then...Friday...and attempts that will be made before returning to the Bluegrass state at the end of the weekend!

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